Oriental erotic massage: four techniques that you will be delighted with

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    Oriental cultures are known for their special attitude to the body. It is believed that the body — a vessel for energy, which must circulate freely. And if something becomes an obstacle to circulation, a person begins to feel bad: he suffers from fatigue and bad mood, he is faced with a decrease in libido and depression. However, there is a way out: oriental erotic massage.

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    Historical background

    Eromassage was invented not today, but several millennia ago. Ancient Indian temples depict people making love using such practices. Until now, "Kama Sutra" remains a source of incredible experiments and sensory experiences.

    The goal of massage is not only pleasure. In the treatises of the "Yellow Emperor" it talks about the healing properties and ways of influencing the body of acupressure or acupuncture.

    Japanese and Chinese devotees of the Buddha were the first to practice massage with ice cubes, which was called "Cold and Fire". And in our time, this knowledge has again become relevant. And not only in the format of medicine, but also in the field of erotica.

    What is the peculiarity of oriental massage practices

    Geishas and other oriental erotic massage specialists were able to effectively bring their guest to relaxation, work with his sexual energy. We have successfully adopted their experience and are doing the following:

    1. Using a lot of oil

    Oils are taken with unobtrusive, pleasant aromas. Their task is to make movements gentle, as well as to conduct heat from the masseuse's hands to the guest's body. If the oils have an aroma that the guest likes, they can act like aphrodisiacs: tune in a sensual mood, increase excitability. Essential oils of rosemary, cinnamon, lavender or ginger are often used.

    1. Acupressure

    When the body finally relaxes, it's time for acupuncture. Few of modern people believe that the correct impact on the points of our body allows you to get rid of many diseases. And in vain. Anyone who has already been on acupressure will confirm: the internal blocks are removed, the body is energized.

    1. Full body work

    The masseuse pays attention to the back, legs, shoulders, arms, feet and hands, as well as the head. Erogenous zones also do not go unnoticed. But this is not only the groin area.

    Massage sessions are directly related to pleasure. Previously, people were sure that physical rest was impossible without such a prelude, and without physical relaxation — rest of the soul.

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    The value of oriental massage

    It is impossible to overestimate massage practices. They are useful to everyone and always, with rare exceptions. At the same time, the process brings a lot of pleasure, which has a beneficial effect on the whole body:

    • purification of toxins, toxins;

    • lymph stagnation is excluded;

    • blood supply to all organs improves;

    • muscle tension is removed;

    • metabolism speeds up;

    • pain sensations go away;

    • mood, activity, libido increase.

    In the contrast of relaxation and a burst of vivacity, the guest gets a special feeling, as if he had experienced a renewal.

    Aromatherapy — not a hoax, but an effective method

    Fragrances are most often used in Eastern practice:

    • ylang-ylang, with its floral scent, evokes a feeling of joy, euphoria;

    • patchouli inflames passion, helps fight low libido, impotence;

    • rose liberates, cares for the skin;

    • muscat hits right on target and increases the sensitivity of erogenous zones on the body;

    • jasmine relaxes and sandalwood induces;

    • Citruses have an exciting effect.

    These are essential oils. They are added to the base ones: olive, coconut, shea. It only takes a couple of drops to achieve the right effect. However, when stimulating the penis or yoni, it is better not to use them so as not to provoke a burning sensation.

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    About spiritual harmony and energy exchange

    The philosophy of the East is tied to achieving energy harmony. Usually it can be achieved in various ways: meditation, spiritual practices, eromassage. An excellent example of the effectiveness of the latter is tantra.

    Spiritual liberation occurs at the moment when a man finally relaxes and begins to fully trust the masseuse. Aromatization and intimate atmosphere help to achieve the goal: the guest feels confident, merges with the girl in one spiritual impulse, receiving and giving erotic vibes. The room becomes a space of endless enjoyment.

    Pleasure and types of oriental massage

    The East is known for its tactile practices. Therefore, there is no need to be surprised that there are many varieties here:

    • base: shiatsu, oily Indian, stone;

    • local: for feet, herbal bags, Balinese;

    • erotic: Thai, nuru, lingam, yoni, muladhara, dotted Karsai Nei Tsang.

    If you have not tried the unique practices on yourself, we strongly advise you not to miss this opportunity and choose some option for yourself. For example:

    1. Shiatsu

    The version of acupressure from Japan, based on the Chinese concept of the movement of Chi energy along the 12 meridians of the body. The masseuse, by point pressure with her fingers, with her palms, acts on the whole body in order to:

    • restore vitality: the area located four fingers below the navel is being worked out;

    • relax the nervous system, improve the skin: cheeks, forehead, temples are massaged with fingertips;

    • calm down, get rid of stress: the feet, the bone above the foot, fingers are being worked out;

    • get rid of pain, discomfort in the spine: acupressure on the popliteal cavities.

    Each zone is worked out for about 2-3 minutes. The pressing force depends on the specific zone, the well-being of the person. These are gentle movements, painless.

    1. Oriental foot massage

    A colossal load is on the legs every day. The potential of healthy feet is unlimited, but they also need careful care. If you want to relax and give your tired body a breath of energy, be sure to sign up for a foot massage.

    The Chinese confidently call the feet the main organ. Therefore, oriental medicine is largely tied to a point effect on this part, when you need to remove clamps, spasms, make the body work like clockwork.

    The technique is based on a combination of the following techniques:

    • stroking from toe to heel;

    • rubbing with palms, knuckles;

    • circular movements with the fingers of both hands;

    • pinching;

    • kneading.

    The scheme is selected for each specific person. For some, only delicate touches are suitable, while others need to stretch their feet a lot in order to achieve their goal.

    1. Men

    The division into types is very conditional. Most techniques can be applied to both genders. But we will make such a division according to the demand for a particular practice among men and women.

    • Thai. It involves close contact with the guest, therefore it is performed with the whole body: buttocks, chest, abdomen, legs, hair. Elbows, feet, bamboo sticks can be used. This technique has a lot of fans, because everyone wants to practically cuddle with a luxurious naked girl.

    • Nuru. A Japanese version of body massage, during which the girls massage the guest with their feet, hips, breasts, and even intimate parts. And for a perfect glide, nuru gel is used, which is made from algae.

    • Lingam massage. A purely male version, since the focus is on the male penis. Massaging the penis allows not only to relax and explore new facets of pleasure, but also to learn how to prolong the time of sexual intercourse, to get an absolutely incredible ending.

    During any practice, the girl can ask the guest to change the position, as the massage involves a common basic part.

    1. Women

    Women's practices are based on the knowledge of one's own body, the study of new emotions and sensations. Particular attention is paid to the issue of preserving/restoring youth and beauty. In addition to universal programs that are offered to both sexes — Thai, Shiatsu, — there are also unique female practices:

    • Yoni. Study of the genital organs with fingers, palms. The session begins with external influence and gentle strokes, and ends with internal stimulation.

    • Oriental facial massage. Performed in Moroccan, Japanese, Thai techniques. Depending on the technique, it is done by hand or with the help of stone plates — gouache. The goal of all techniques is the same: to improve the condition of the skin of the face, to stimulate the natural production of collagen and elastin.

    You can enjoy these techniques individually or include them in the overall program. For example, start with facials, and then move on to body massage.

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    Oriental eromassage services in «EGOIST»

    We use some of the most interesting techniques that will allow the guest to experience incredible pleasure, as well as make a valuable contribution to their health. They can be combined with spa treatments.

    1. "Sakura Branch"

    The technique was invented by the Japanese, who are known for their penchant for special pleasures. To maximize the sensitivity of the body, the girl acts on it pointwise with hot breath, fingers, heated fruits and ice cubes. Feelings will be breathtaking.

    1. Body massage

    Both participants in the session are naked and well oiled so that the girl can easily slide over the guest's body from above, touching him with tempting hips, a soft tummy, heated breasts and even her genitals. A skilled masseuse will wake up a real volcano during a session.

    1. Lingam massage

    A technique that came to us from tantra. You will be surprised, but this massage will not get bored even after an hour. The touches are so diverse and amazing that a man experiences an incredible sensory experience. After it, the time of sexual intercourse increases, the erection increases, and the libido goes off scale.

    1. Tantric massage

    An excellent erotic practice for those who want to expand their sexual horizons and learn more about their sensual side. All erogenous points on the body are worked out, and we have several thousand of them. Bliss is the maximum.

    The network of salons «EGOIST» covers the whole of St. Petersburg, so you can get to the session in the location that is closest to your home or office. We do everything to make our guests feel comfortable. We provide more than 100 girls and more than 45 programs to choose from, and we also use loyalty cards. And each of our guests can be sure of complete confidentiality.

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